200-Hour Yoga, Detox TTC


Dharmshala, himachal Pradesh

This detox and yoga teacher training course is a great way to learn about your body and mind. This training will provide you an opportunity to live free of disease, stress, and all other toxins. It is also perfect for those who want to make changes in others’ lives. Join Saptrashmi to change the way you look at yourself and at the people around you. Take the time to heal yourself and the world, and to transform your life and the lives of others.

Yoga - The Benefits:
Yoga's primary emphasis is on maintaining the the stability of our entire selves. Yoga prescribes Asana, Pranayam and Meditation. It has been shown to be beneficial in a variety of situations; however, it is not considered a treatment for specific illnesses. Rather, Yoga employs a broad holistic approach that focuses on teaching people a new way of living, thinking, and being. In the process, however, it has also been found to provide a myriad of healing effects. Sages emphatically declare that Yoga alone can destroy all pain. Yogo bhavati duhkkaha – Yoga is the destroyer of pain – says the Bhagavad-Gita. There are many definitions for Yoga. Merely memorizing them and repeating them will not produce the desired result. Instead, we have to put it into practice in our daily life. If one understands the principles and applies them in one’s day-to-day activities, life itself becomes a process of Yoga, and Yoga is the destroyer of pain. Many of the healing effects of Yoga are clinically verified. We will look at the healing effects of Yoga. However, one of the most important benefits of Yoga is its application in relieving stress, fatigue, invigoration and vitality and its anti-aging properties and its application for relaxation therapy.

Naturopathy - The Benefits:
Naturopathy has a preventative approach to health care – it aims to balance of the body so that illness is less likely to occur in the future. A naturopath will want to know about a patient’s diet, lifestyle, family background and environment, as well as the history of their complaint or illness. This range of information is important to the practitioner, who seeks to discover the cause of illness and treat the whole person, rather than target the symptoms alone. The range of non-invasive techniques used in naturopathy includes:
- Nutrition;
- Balance of Natural Elements in Body;
- Massage;
- Body Detoxification.



Detox, Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Detox, Meditation and Yoga Retreat