Surf and Spanish Camp


Jaco Beach, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

Exercise your mind, body, and spirit. School of the World’s expert instructors cater to all skill levels from beginners to advanced. There are many different programs to choose from, all of which last one week. This is not your typical vacation. This is a chance to have a vacation with a passion. This is a chance to learn how to surf and learn how to speak Spanish in a beautiful tropical setting.
This surf camp takes place in Playa Jaco, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is home to some of the best surf in the world. The Playa Jacó / Hermosa area is widely regarded as the most consistent surf in the country. The water temperature stays warm all year round and the waves are uncrowded.

You will be staying in School of the World's lodging. The facilities include a common kitchen and dining area, a yoga studio, photo/video editing studio, 2 Spanish classrooms, offices, 12 guestrooms, a small swimming pool, and a relaxing garden. It is located in a quiet neighbourhood close to the center of town. The housing is just a few minutes walk from the beach, dozens of great restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and everything else you might need.
Beginners will learn the basics of paddling, standing, and turning, as well as wave selection and other fundamental skills. Their instructors are some of the best and most experienced in the country. They have completed rigorous international surf instructor and ocean lifesaver training, so you will feel comfortable and safe in the water. In addition to the daily surf sessions, there will be land based balance training, and photo and video review sessions.
Do you already know how to surf? Then you probably know that great surf is a mix of several factors, including the swell, direction, tide, wind, time of day, and season. Having a local with you while surfing is key to scoring great waves and between surf sessions, a local is useful in finding great places to hang out. These are just a few of the reasons why surfers keep coming back to School of the World’s surf camp! Let the experienced Costa Rica surf guides show you the best waves around and help you take your surfing to the next level.
Surfboards are provided for use during class. However, to minimize the equipment loss and damage, School of the World does not loan them out after class. If you wish to surf outside of class time you will need to bring your own board or rent one from a surf shop in town. Please send inquiry for more details.
Our Spanish program is designed to help you become proficient and comfortable communicating in Spanish, while enjoying yourself in a relaxing and fun environment.
Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate, and Intermediate-Advanced levels are available.
Study globally, practice locally
Our program meets international university standards for Spanish study but focuses on the skills you need for practical communication with native speakers. Our Spanish lessons cover new material for approximately two hours per day in class, then students meet again with an instructor for another one to two hours per day for labs.
Labs are optional (unless you are getting college credit) and are designed to reinforce the lessons covered in class through games, field trips, homework help, and fun activities such as cooking regional foods or attending cultural events.
Seasonal information
The coastline is considered to be the most consistent for surfing in all of Costa Rica, a country that is blessed with warm water and waves all year round. The biggest swells tend to hit between May and December, but surfing is almost every day of the year. 



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