Summer Ancestral Healing Course Spain

Alain Tello Robledo

Finca AtelTrainer, Hortunas de Arriva, 46357 Spain

People live disconnected from their vital energy, their 7th chakra is blocked with exaggerated and endless activation of their cerebral hemispheres. This is the cause of diseases and an imbalance in our modern societies. Even pets are getting sick around the lifestyles of their “owners”.
The need to understand, the shutting of the door of their Intuition, and the silencing the voices of the Essence make one farther away from a Transcendental Balance.
Faith in oneself can only truly appear when the Essence manifests itself.

Modern medicine and other alternatives, treat only the symptoms, and never really actually cure patients. They are mainly used to relieve or maintain a patient’s condition and the consumerist dependence in chemical or natural medicines.

This Ancestral Healing course aims to liberate students/trainees in the first phase (with transcendental treatments), and to guide them afterward to a higher level of consciousness.
It will allow prepared students to apply ancestral healing therapies and heal from their Essences.

Students/trainees must be ready to transcend. For this reason they must join this training course motivated by their own Intuition and innate sensitivity. This training is not suited to those who wish to embellish a curriculum vitae.

Trainees who wish to join this course should do so with open hearts and empty minds from their Intention/Intuition. Others skills such as Reiki can disturb or limit the transcending process, as transcendental, ancestral healing is completely different to all known techniques and knowledge.

Upon booking the trainee will receive a copy of the 4 books by post mail:

“Psycho-Fitness Holistic”
“Zen Sport”
“Transcendental Training”
“Transcendental Love – Ancestral healing”

Reading the books in advance would help trainees to achieve a deeper understanding of the course easier.