8 Days Personalized Ayurveda and Yoga Holiday

Javier Mantecón

Denia, Alicante

Detox, Meditation, and Ayurveda Yoga Retreat Alicante

On this eight-day Ayurvedic rejuvenation detox programme you’ll receive a personalized Ayurvedic Treatments program, a treatment every day, for about 80 minutes, tailored to suit individual diagnostic history. A personalized diagnosis with a qualified Ayurvedic doctor ten days before the retreat via Skype help to us to prepare the program of treatments and the ayurvedic diet. This program is an ideal introduction and preparation for the more intensive panchakarma (full detox) program but is also a suitable option if you simply wish to rest, relax, lose weight, de-stress. This program also includes daily Yoga & meditation classes, personal lifestyle and health coaching with Javier or Ana.

You can choose your 8 days of Ayurvedic Personalized Detox to your preference, consult personally availability.