Peace at every breath

Irene Devi Mapai

via della Pace 33, Martano - Lecce

This yoga travel represent an energetic and spiritual full-immersion in the peaceful olive tree’s nature. Their peaceful frequency is a natural healing gift. The experiences offer a series of healing workshops where the group will be guided to work energetically and spiritually with frequencies which belongs to the reigns of elements. We will dive into the unified love energy field of Mother Earth by opening a connection with the Olive Trees Masters. Trees are Healing Masters for human being and we will learn how to interact energetically with them. Yoga practice, breath work and meditation are necessary to enter into an energetic relationship with them. Sound healing, crystal singing bowls and chanting will help opening the heart to their Spirit.

We will have the opportunity to practice yoga, meditation, energy healing into some of the most ancient olive trees forests belonging to the Alea’s mill, that produces one of the best extra virgin Italian olive oil. When one enters the ultra-centenaries olive trees’ forests of Alea’s lands, the perception is to be surrounded by something sacred and supernatural. These forests are some of the ancient sanctuaries of mother nature where trees have been planted by her hands, not by man's hand.

In the program for this retreat is included an amazing guided excursion/trekking to visit more than 15 megalithic structures among dolmen and menhir. Along this excursion we will make a sacred circle meditation to re-connect with cosmic energies and the powerful healing energy (available on the site) coming from the Dragon’s lay lines energy which is available in Salento.