4 Days Platonic Yoga Retreat in Zakynthos, Greece

Learn all the ancient Greek healthy tips and try to answer in many philosophical questions, exercise your body and soul and understand the deeper meaning of the ancient Greek word "kalokagathia"...A platonic teaching based on philosophy of a bodily, moral and spiritual whole. Yoga, defined as a method of liberating the individual from the bondage of material existence and joining her/him to a higher, enlightened philosophy and religious systems, was taught in the West through Pythagoras, called the Pitar or Yavana Guru in India. In his line of successors, Plato continued this tradition of spiritual knowledge and austerity of habits but broadened it hopefully to influence the political and ethical climate of the Greek city-states and of humanity in general.

This essay shows how the yogas: jñāna, the seeking of knowledge as higher wisdom; karma, the purifying of behavior and political institutions; bhakti, devotion through love, and rāja, the kingly mystery of meditation, are all present in the Platonic dialogues. Although Plato presents his knowledge in specifically Greek language and terms, and some of his methods differ, his spiritual aims are not ultimately different from those of the Upaniṣads or Bhagavadgītā.

Daily early morning yoga classes
1 small trip to blue cave and Marathonisi island
Breathing exercises, guided swimming, and aquaerobics
Guided trail, visit to Keri village, and Marathia beach
Greek cuisine workshop with the hotel chef
1 massage or spa therapy of your choice
3 nights accommodation
3 daily delicious meals