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Become an expert meditation teacher!

If you are a yoga teacher, meditation practitioner, or just eager to learn more about yourself, this meditation teacher training is for you!

With this 50 Hours Certification Meditation Teacher Training you will gain advanced knowledge about meditation, clarity about who you are, and you will have the confidence to share meditation with others!

We teach meditation as a tool to free yourself from exhausting life patterns. We help you to discover the life you want to live.
- Meditation Teacher Training Program
With this 50 hour certification Meditation Teacher Training you will gain advanced knowledge about meditation and the experience and confidence to share meditation with others. The program is a combination of experiencing meditations, meditation philosophy teachings and discussions, practicing guiding meditations, sharings, self-study and time to relax and digest. The program is an alive and fun exploration where everybody becomes an inspiration to each other and where lifelong friendships are made. The program is rooted in the open sharing and celebration of your present experience.

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Institute for Meditation offers a holistic approach to meditation. This means we don’t teach one specific method, but rather give a complete perspective on the differences between the various ways of meditation. With this teaching you will be able to recognize the benefits and limitations of the different approaches to meditation. This enables you to consciously choose the right meditation techniques to fit your specific interest, purpose and audience. We encourage you to share from your creativity and authenticity. Sharing the meditation you are most passionate about!

- Course content
Meditation practice
You will become familiar with a broad variety of meditations based on Zen and Buddhist traditions. You will experience passive meditations like silent sitting and active meditations involving sound and movement. The main focus of this training is insight meditation, which is based on the process of enquiry.
• Zen, Buddhist & Osho meditations
• Passive meditations
• Active meditations
• Insight meditations
• Bodyscan techniques
• Sharing & Discussion

- Meditation philosophy
You will become aware of your beliefs and their implications on your emotions, thoughts and behaviour. With ancient knowledge from Taoism, Buddhism and Advaita philosophy you will be able to guide people towards clarity.
• Enquiry into effort & control
• Theory Nature of the Mind
• Theory Circle of Suffering (Samsara)
• Theory The Way of Tao (Yin Yang)
• Theory Advaita
• Sharing & Discussion

- Art of teaching
You will learn to share from your OWN experience. In this training you will become your own authority. The only valuable and convincing teaching is simply being authentic, which will inspire others to do the same.
• Practicing guiding meditations
• Master with voice: tone, volume, tempo, rhythm, enunciation
• Exploring your playfulness and creativity with words
• Approaches holding space
• Giving feedback on meditations

- Meditation sequencing
You will be able to design custom-made meditations to fit your specific intention, focus and audience. A simple yet profound structure enables you to trust on your own experience and flow with your intuition while guiding meditations.
• Theory Types of Meditation
• Enquiry into intentions & purposes of meditation
• Sequencing techniques
• Sharing & Discussion

- Why teach meditation?
People are looking for silence, clarity, and answers in a more complex world. More and more companies, yoga studios, and schools acknowledge the benefits of meditation and incorporate meditation into their daily operations. With teaching groups and individuals, you can inspire thousands of people by sharing your authentic guidance for opening up to life.

- The best way of learning is teaching
Scientists found out that students enlisted to tutor others work harder to understand the material, recall it more accurately, and apply it more effectively. Feedback from students or peers further enhances the tutors’ learning. A teacher training is the best way to explore and understand the fundamentals of meditation.

- What meditation teacher training graduates gain
Graduates have the skills and confidence to guide meditations, the knowledge of a vast variety of meditations, the creativity to fit the right meditation for the right audience and situation, the knowledge of ancient meditation philosophies, a deepened human understanding to guide and coach people, a progressive set of tools for teaching or other ways of guiding groups (yoga, primary & secundary school, corporate trainings etc) and an official Meditation Teacher Certification with the Institute for Meditation.

- Certification
After successful completion of this training you will receive an official Meditation Teacher Certification with the Institute for Meditation. Participants receive a certificate of completion that can be counted as 50Hr of continuing education with the Yoga Alliance. If you are a registered yoga teacher (RYT) you must meet the Continuing Education (CE) Requirements on an ongoing basis. Every three years starting from your initial date of registration you must complete and log a minimum of 30 hours of yoga related training. Institute for Meditation is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider® (YACEP) who has been verified by and is in good standing with Yoga Alliance.

- Program
Institute of Meditations teachings are based on philosophies derived from Tao, Advaita and Buddhism. They focus on becoming aware of basic assumptions about life and their implications in your daily life. With ancient teachings and models from Tao and Advaita philosophy, we recognize and unveil limiting ideas to explore a spontaneous, open-minded way of living. With the ancient knowledge of Buddhism we explore the vicious circle of searching and suffering in life (Samsara) and the opportunity for liberation from this cycle (Nirvana).

- Requirements
• This training is for beginners & advanced students and everyone who is curious about meditation and wants to know more.
• There are no other certificates needed for joining this training.
• We will enquire about your motivation to see if this training is suitable for you. If we believe your motivation is not in accord with the offered program, we hold the right to not approve your application. 



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