Historical Finca - Yoga, Kirtan, Ayurveda Retreat


Brihuega, Guadalajara, Spain

Activity, Room & Board

Activity, Room & Board

Yoga Meditation




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$ 100.76

Five days and four nights;
From the 19th till the 23rd of August.
This beautiful, classic Spanish Architecture Farm is located in central Spain, about 100 kilometers east of Madrid, Spain’s capital city.

It is geographically right outside the little town of Brihuega, near Guadalajara. It is a small farm community, with flower and vegetable gardens, a couple of small greenhouses, a beautiful goshala (cow’s caring place) right across the road from the lovely temple, and then a larger goshala down the road.
There are approximately twelve cows and two bulls that are pampered so milk is abundant. The farm is about 300 hectares in size with many hills, so wonderful nature walks are also available.

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