Ayurvedic Retreat and Yoga Holidays

Irina Viscun

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s luxurious nature offers an abundance of plants, flowers and medicinal oils, making it a perfect destination to enjoy a wellness retreat. Full body massages, meditation and yoga sessions, accompanied by an Ayurvedic diet, in a relaxing atmosphere, will help you reestablish your inner balance, re-energize and relax totally.

I will take you on a truly spiritual voyage, tracing the beginnings of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Travel to the heart of the island, its Cultural Triangle, to discover the rich historical and cultural past by way of many exceptional archeological sites. Enjoy a rare occasion to practice meditation with a Buddhist monk amid the luxurious nature of the Knuckles Mountain Range. Indulge in rejuvenating sessions of traditional massage and yoga therapy, while staying in some of the country’s leading Ayurvedic hotels: between nature and the sea. Find yourself transformed by the nurturing environment of this tropical island, with a better balance between mind and body, and a greater knowledge of the Buddhist philosophy.

Request to stay in one location to enjoy a longer stay focused on Yoga and/or Ayurveda, or choose to travel across this magical island.

Enjoy Ayurvedic therapy, yoga and meditation sessions, surrounded by the exuberant nature of Sri Lanka. This holiday, rich in colors, will allow you to meet the country’s emblematic animal, the elephant, to explore the last royal capital, Kandy, to lose yourself in the endless tea country landscapes, to get closer to the wilderness on the back of a jeep safari and to relax on the island’s pristine beaches with a hotel specializing in wellness.